About Localization

How Lyft Scaled Content for 8 Languages

During this webinar, join Smartling and Contentful to learn how investing in both technologies enabled Lyft to establish an infrastructure that is scalable across different content types, devices, and languages.
About Localization

What is Content Management?

With proper content management in place, your brand can develop an agile and efficient content engine.
About Localization

Webinar: From Zero to Localization Hero

Learn how SumUp changed their content management approach by collaborating with Smartling and Contentful to help scale their global content.

Smartling For Contentful

Manage content and experiences in any language easily with our Smartling connector for Contentful.
Smartling in the news. Press releases. News clippings and more.
Today at Smartling

Smartling and Contentful Partner to Deliver Built-in Translation Integration to Address Global, Multichannel Customer Experience Demands

Users of Contentful’s Content Infrastructure Can Now Seamlessly Integrate Smartling’s Translation Management Platform to Localize Content Efficiently at Scale