Lyft: Scaling content for eight new languages


Lyft offers car rides, scooters and bicycle-sharing on demand, and point-to-point transportation that leverages public transit options for consumers in cities across Canada and the United States.


Lyft wanted to expand their content into more than just English to reach a wider audience. They began with Spanish translation but had additional languages on the immediate roadmap. The team responsible saw the massive increase in translated content requests and knew it would be a challenge to meet those needs with their current team and process. They either needed to hire more people or get the technology in place to automate their workflows.


Lyft implemented Smartling and their pre-built integration for Contentful. With this combined solution in place, Lyft set up automated workflows for all of their content types and eliminated a large amount of manual work. With this new process and technology in place, they could scale to meet the needs of the business without having to hire additional staff.

Want to hear more about Lyft’s success with Smartling? Watch the full webinar below or on Vimeo.

How Lyft Scaled Content for 8 Languages from Smartling on Vimeo.