Instant, secure, and on-brand translation with Smartling Translate

Introducing Smartling Translate - a revolutionary machine translation, GPT-enabled portal that allows customers to produce up to 350% higher quality, on-brand translations instantaneously.

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Highly customized translations in seconds

Powered by Smartling’s LanguageAI™, Smartling Translate takes your brand voice, style, and terminology into account, resulting in consistently on-brand, high-quality translations.

✅ Autoselect the best MT engine for your content
✅ Instant, high-quality machine translation
✅ Zero configuration needed
✅ Guaranteed data privacy
✅ Consistently on brand
✅ Public APIs available
✅ Up to 200mb of almost any file type

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Keep your data secure

Smartling Translate processes translations only in a private, safe, and secure environment.

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"Smartling Translate saves us time and money and makes the process of generating quality translations of non-English, user-generated feedback extremely efficient.”

Olivier Chaussée, Product Project Manager

Smartling Translate features

Instant & simple

Get your translations in seconds by simply copying and pasting text or dragging and dropping files. There’s no need to set up a project or workflows. No configuration or user training is needed – it’s perfect for teams throughout your company to translate documents and text quickly.

Up to 350% higher quality

Leverage your existing assets, such as glossaries and translation memory, and optional GPT-enabled enhancements, to customize your MT. Automatically apply your brand's terminology, style, and preferences for consistently high-quality, accurate, and on-brand translations.

Safe & secure

Translate with ease knowing that Smartling Translate provides document confidentiality, privacy, and data protection. Learn more about our compliance certifications and how Smartling maintains strict control over personal data and information security here.

What files are supported by Smartling Translate?


File size limit is 200MB, over 20 times bigger than the average translation tools on the market. 

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