Making Knowledge Universal - Launching our Salesforce Knowledge Integration

We’re excited to launch another customer support integration - this time with Salesforce Knowledge.

Jennifer Chew

Jennifer Chew

Product Marketing ManagerSmartling

Self-Service is King

In our current Google age, it’s no surprise that the majority of customers prefer to use self-service channels to address their customer service needs with a frictionless experience.

A recent survey found that two out of three respondents prefer self-service over speaking with a company representative. When structured with clear categories and a search bar for easy navigation, online knowledge bases enable customers to find what they need within just a few clicks.

Excellent customer service is a massively important step in the customer journey. Winning a customer over doesn’t end after a successful sales cycle. Every day is an opportunity to deliver a positive experience with your product and keep your customers loyal beyond the initial purchase.

At Smartling, our technology and services enable brands to localize their entire customer journey, from marketing materials to their product and customer service channels. We’re excited to launch another customer support integration - this time with Salesforce Knowledge.

Salesforce Knowledge is part of the broader Salesforce Service Cloud, which allows current Salesforce users to easily add a knowledge base to their customer service centers.

What to look forward to in Smartling's new Salesforce Knowledge Integration

We love the seamless experience that Salesforce Knowledge provides. And we’ve seen enough of our customers using the Salesforce Service suite that we wanted to help localize that aspect of their content experience.

Our pre-built Salesforce Knowledge integration—compatible with both Salesforce Lightning and Classic—automatically pulls new help center articles from Salesforce Knowledge into the Smartling platform. From there, workflows can automatically assign the content to translators. Automated project management can increase translation speed by 57%, and we’re excited to begin seeing our customers using Salesforce Knowledge experience hours of time savings each month.

By syncing content with Smartling 24/7, translators will be able to access new work sooner, with minimal involvement needed from a project manager. In addition, translators will have access to the most up-to-date translation memory built up from previous translation projects for faster translation (and cost savings for their clients).

Our beta users, including WeWork and Nextdoor, have been excited to extend Smartling’s automation functions to their help articles, and we’re thrilled to make this available today to all our customers.

If you’re a current Smartling customer, let your customer success manager know if you’d like to use our Salesforce Knowledge integration. If you’re not yet a Smartling customer, let’s chat to see if this would be a good fit for your Salesforce Knowledge content!