Yext: Translating 12 million words to support teams around the world

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Yext is on a mission to put more truth online. They do that by helping businesses around the world deliver official answers to customer questions across the entire search ecosystem—starting with a brand’s website, then extending across search engines, voice assistants, maps, and more than 175 global platforms.

As Yext continues to break into new international markets, localizing marketing and product materials are increasingly critical components to scaling the business globally.


Before partnering with Smartling, Yext’s translation process was highly manual and difficult to scale for the translation volume they needed. In addition, they wanted to create an entire multilingual experience for customers, which meant that they needed to translate now only their website and product, but also sales decks, marketing collateral, white papers, and more. As they launched their product in more countries, this manual process would quickly become untenable.


After adopting Smartling, Yext focused on establishing a robust and automated process so that they could scale. Yext connected their tech stack to Smartling’s translation management system through pre-built WordPress and code repository connectors. This approach allowed them to greatly increase in volume and expansion into new languages and enabled the entire company, both existing and new teams, to access Smartling's cloud TMS and language services with minimal setup and effort.

The results from Yext’s launch in Japan demonstrated how much the technology and collaboration impacted their outcomes. Over the course of the project, the correction rate for Japanese strings dropped to just 0.17%, an 87% decrease in words that had to be edited. Yext was also able to benefit from a comprehensive translation memory, accumulated over time, which contributed to a 25% decrease in their effective cost per word, despite a sixfold increase in the number of supported languages.

On top of all of the technology that automates the process surrounding human translation, it was the relationship facilitated by Smarlting’s customer engagement and translation services team that made it possible for Yext to translate the sheer volume of content into so many languages possible.

Want to hear more about Yext’s journey with Smartling? Watch From Zero to Localization Hero webinar below or on Vimeo

The Smartling platform enables us to get business done right now. If somebody were to tell me that we weren't going to continue working with Smartling, I would probably cry! At the end of the day, Smartling’s technology is incredibly reliable, and the customer experience is fantastic.

Jessica Birenz
Yext, Director of Planning and Project Management

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