Wilson: Creating a translation process from scratch


With roots dating back to 1913, Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has made a name for itself as the world’s leading ball sports equipment manufacturer, with the widest breadth of products. Backed by generations of athletes, Wilson has been an influential player in shaping games around the world. With customers in over 100 countries, Wilson set out to make their products more accessible to each of their local markets.


With the decision to expand eCommerce sales beyond North America, Wilson Sporting Goods faced the challenge of establishing a translation process from scratch. The small team at Wilson had minimal experience with translation management technology and was faced with supporting a large volume of translations.


By leveraging Smartling’s translation management system, Wilson’s small team was able to handle translations efficiently without disruption to the frequent new product releases. Smartling’s web translation proxy (the Global Delivery Network), automated and customized workflows, and centralized platform helped reduce project management efforts.

With the use of automation in a centralized platform, Wilson’s localization team can move relevant content quickly through workflows, cut down review time, and publish content 57% faster. With a solid, scalable translation strategy in place, Wilson is well-positioned to expand further into EMEA and APAC.