Vitamix: How to sell out of a new product in 24 hours


Vitamix has been in business for over 100 years and is committed to bringing superior blending solutions into every kitchen in the world. They currently operate in 130 countries and translate their recipe, marketing, and product content in more than 11 languages.


Selling both direct to consumer and via retail partners, Vitamix knew it was vital that customers get consistent, reliable information about their products across sources and languages. Their historical translation method was extremely manual, consisting of word documents shared between the company and their translators. As they considered a new, more scalable approach to producing translated content, maintaining a consistent brand voice across languages remained paramount.


Vitamix utilizes Smartling’s Global Delivery Network to deliver localized websites for consumers in target markets. This solution significantly reduced internal engineering and design burden for the Vitamix team, with no more need for a localized website infrastructure. In addition, Smartling’s integrated glossaries and translation memory made it easier for Vitamix to ensure their unique brand voice was maintained across languages and channels.

Want to hear more about Vitamix’s journey with Smartling? Watch the full webinar below or on Vimeo.

How Vitamix Sold Out of a New Product in 24 Hours with Smartling | Smartling Customer Success Stories from Smartling on Vimeo.