ClassPass: Redefining the “loc manager” role by improving translation efficiency 70%


ClassPass is a membership-based app and website for everything fitness and wellness. It gives you access to gyms, studios, salons, and spas around the world. Founded in the US in 2013, ClassPass is now available in 10 languages in 30 countries with 2,500+ participating studios, gyms, and wellness centers.


ClassPass localizes its content for marketing, legal, product development, and customer experience. Their lean localization team had one big question, “How can we reduce the time spent on execution and increase the time spent on localization strategy?”


Smartling's connectors like Figma, Zendesk, GitHub, Contentful, and HubSpot streamlined ClassPass's localization process significantly. After implementing Smartling and these connectors, the same translation process was reduced from nine steps to five, taking only one hour compared to three and a half before.

By utilizing Smartling's Visual Context tool, translators gained a better understanding of content context, leading to more efficient adaptations. ClassPass’ localization team no longer needs to manually create job files, add instructions, provide visual references, copy-paste strings into Excel, and deliver to the final target. All of these improvements mean that the team can focus on strategic tasks like app and web flow optimization and user experience enhancement.

Want to hear more about ClassPass’s journey with Smartling? Watch the webinar below.