Ready for an International Close-up


Vimeo is a video-sharing platform through which users can upload, share, and view videos. The company aims to empower people all around the world to create, share, and discover new talents.

Vimeo was founded in 2004 by a group of filmmakers who loved to create videos of important milestones in their lives. Today, Vimeo attracts more than 100 million worldwide unique visitors per month and boasts more than 22 million registered users.

The Challenge: Translate without Affecting R&D

Vimeo was available only in English and wanted to provide a native language experience for its customers around the world. Some of the company’s major areas of concern in addressing this need were:

  • Painful process. Vimeo was chained to a resource-intensive process to manage all of its translations. Eventually, internal resources became strained trying to juggle core responsibilities as well as the translation processes.
  • Roadmap impediment. The requirement to localize its product was impeding core research and development. Vimeo was at risk of falling behind if it couldn’t streamline the translation process.
  • Quick expansion. Vimeo wanted to focus first on three new languages – Spanish, German, and French. Timing was important because the service did not want to lose momentum with its fast-growing worldwide user base.

The Solution: Smartling

Using the Smartling cloud-based translation management system, Vimeo realized the following benefits:

  • Simplified process. Smartling’s enterprise-grade API allows the Vimeo team to upload and download translation files, creating a seamless translation process. This new process integrates smoothly with Vimeo’s IT processes and infrastructure.
  • No more strained internal resources. Because Smartling automates much of the translation workflow, the project management burden has been removed from Vimeo’s tech team.
  • No delays. Any concerns about delayed releases and slowed research and development have been put to rest. Smartling helps to deliver high-quality localized content on time, every time, with no ongoing developer involvement required.
  • Three new languages in just a matter of months. Vimeo successfully launched first in Spanish. Shortly thereafter, it launched in German and French. Thanks to Smartling, the whole process took only a few months. Other languages are planned in the future.
  • Expert guidance. Vimeo has come to rely on Smartling for its expert guidance in going global, including how Vimeo can best position itself for success in new language markets.

Smartling uses Vimeo to host its brand film, Anywhere, Today.