Translation Isn't Blind: How to sell out of a new product in 24 hours with Vitamix

During this episode, discover how Vitamix, leveraging Smartling's language services and Global Delivery Network, was able to launch more new products for their direct to consumer markets than ever before.


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## Translation Isn't Blind Max and his team at Vitamix demonstrated how important it is to have robust technology and translation services in place to ensure products can be launched in global markets efficiently - and to a high degree of success. They even sold out of one new product in just 24 hours.

Their go-to-market strategy is two fold: first, they work with distributors worldwide who sell Vitamix products in market; second, they sell directly to consumers online in specific markets, like the United States and Canada. Vitamix uses Smartling's Global Delivery Network and language translation services to provide content and product experiences for users anywhere, today.

What to listen for:
[7:27] Why the integrity of the brand makes excellent translation so important
[14:50] Vitamix's robust content landscape
[15:24] Join Max for a quick laugh about their previous translation strategy
[23:02] How Vitamix implemented Smartling and uses Smartling's Global Delivery Network
[28:45] Why Smartling's cloud based solution made the transition to working remotely seamless
[29:31] How Smartling's cloud-based glossary and style guide is leveraged to maintain the Vitamix brand voice.
[38:44] The increase in return on ad spend Vitamix saw when testing French for Canada vs. English ads in the Canadian market.
[45:03] Over 99% of translations from Smartling are accepted by Vitamix without changes.

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