Oana Has Been Enjoying the Silence of Southern France

With so much changing so fast, Oana has found serenity in silence.

Matt Grech

Matt Grech

Content Marketing ManagerSmartling

It's a really difficult choice, but if there's one location from Move the World with Words I absolutely had to visit, it would absolutely be the breathtaking region that Oana calls home, Montégut-Arros in southern France.

Even during her time with Elizabeth, Oana explained how she was so grateful for the chance to work not only a job from anywhere in the world, but one that's directly related to her passions.

In fact, Oana moved to the mountainous region of southern France to spend her time in nature. And if there's one thing for sure, our current situation has Oana appreciating that serenity even more.


Matt: Content is clearly in a high demand, and that isn't going to stop any time soon. So, I've been asking all our translators, what kind of content do you have lined up for March? Marketing copy, messages from CEOs, product updates, legal updates -- anything like that?

Oana: Mostly marketing copy, as usual: blogs, emails, website content. But also updates regarding different policies like refunding and exchange, cancellation, pausing accounts, rollout credits, temporary service interruption etc, all related to the uncertain period we're going through.

Content related to green behaviors also seems to become more than ever a priority for some companies, which is great news!

How has your workload changed in the last month, are you getting more or less to work on? New types of content you haven't translated before?

For me, March was just about as busy as the six months or so prior to COVID-19. Slightly less than March 2019, but quite consistent with the second half of 2019, for instance.

Matt: That's great to hear! Are you noticing any changes in the demand for translation? Are some brands or industries requesting less, and others requesting more?

Oana: The demand coming from the travel industry seems to have decreased.

As I mentioned, some companies have chosen to priorities their blog and marketing content, or topics such as environmental concerns, while others insist on the importance of digital transformation and conducting change management. It really seems like the demand for digital has increased!

Matt: Of course we all know things are going to change, but do you think there will be a shift in the demand for translation as this situation continues to evolve and develop?

Oana: The economic impact of this public health crisis promises to be tremendous, so I expect a shift in the demand for translation. Not sure of the direction though.

Some believe this crisis will change our world permanently. We will not stop communicating though. The need to cooperate seems more obvious than ever.

Matt: Right, it's really hard to say. I'm curious about how you've been impacted, though! Since you already have experience working from your home, thanks to tools like Smartling, what kind of routine or process do you have for staying productive?

Oana: My work routine has not changed at all. Indeed, I've worked from home for so many years, in the environment I chose and adapted for this purpose. I have the privilege to collaborate with a company that provides all the tools and support (both technical and human) I need to perform with confidence and peace of mind, even in these difficult times.

That's Smartling, by-the-way. :)

So I focus on my part of the job and strive to provide quality. Also, very important, I keep positive. I am lucky to be well and safe and to live off my passion.


Matt: What about personally, has your daily life changed?

Oana: I live on my own and have no children, so from this point of view, my daily routine has not really changed - there is nobody to disturb me. :D

Of course, I miss my long walks, trips, concerts, travelling, seeing my family and friends and I miss my hairdresser. :D

Matt: Oh yeah, I can't wait until I can finally get a haircut! So many people are taking on new hobbies or even revisiting some old ones, is there anything you're doing to stay positive, calm and focused during this time?

Oana: I chose to live in the countryside, in the heart of nature, so I have a garden, woods all around, a beautiful view on the mountains.

So I have plenty of visitors during this lockdown period: birds, bees, frogs, bats (!!:D), lizards. This is precious, now more than ever.

I stay informed, but also choose to read and watch content that makes me laugh, smile, contemplate or dream. There's work to do in the garden and that's my gym time. And I listen to music, I could not imagine my life without music anyway.

Matt: Laughter really is the best medicine. Have you been trying to learn any new skills?

Oana: I'm taking piano lessons (online courses). I also take lots of photos as the scenery is great. The sunsets have been breathtaking lately...:)

Matt: Speaking of sunsets, have you had the chance to wander around outside at all? New York has been really quiet! How has the area around you been impacted by the sudden change?

Oana: I only leave home to buy food now and then and yes, the rural area where I live is even quieter these days. The most striking thing here is that the roads are nearly empty (but this is not something I can complain of... :))

Matt: It's so amazing to hear how much you're able to enjoy the a new sense of calm and serenity! Thanks so much, Oana!