How to Onboard With Smartling Within 30 Days (Webinar)

With Hilary Gronberg, Director of Customer Services

Jennifer Chew

Jennifer Chew

Product Marketing ManagerSmartling

Ready, set, translate! Our onboarding team helps new customers realize value quickly. Hilary Gronberg, Director of Customer Services, walks through the Smartling onboarding process and how to set up your team to begin translating within Smartling within 30 days.

How to Onboard With Smartling Within 30 Days from Smartling on Vimeo.

What does onboarding look like at Smartling?

Once a customer purchases a SaaS solution, there are a series of steps that need to be taken to set up the solution and ensure all users are enabled to use the solutions successfully.

At Smartling, onboarding comprises of the following steps:

  • Linguistic asset migration - importing a glossary, style guide, and translation memory into the Smartling platform (if you don't have these on hand or are translating for the first time, then the customer would work on creating these)
  • Technical integration - ensuring that the customer's content source is set up to host localized content and allow Smartling to pull and push content between the content source and the Smartling cloud
  • Product configuration - setting up the Smartling solution to fit the customer's process, including workflows, notification settings, and user roles and permissions
  • Training - educating the customers' users on how to use the Smartling solution

Smartling sets the goal to complete onboarding for new customers within 30 days of kick-off, given that business and technical stakeholders on both the customer and the Smartling side complete their deliverables within the defined timeline.

Who's involved in onboarding?

Smartling assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help users achieve business objectives - anything related to the day-to-day use of Smartling's solution and ensuring translations are delivered and published. In addition, Smartling assigns a Solution Architect to align with customer stakeholders and lead the solution design and technical integration.

Our customers' to-dos in the onboarding process

Onboarding can seem like lot of work, but putting in the work at the start will result in huge payoffs down the road. Here's what we ask our customers to help with to ensure we can get the translating within 30 days:

  • Prepare source content - it should be finalized and ready to translate
  • Prepare Linguistic Assets - style guide, glossary, TM - to be imported into the system
  • Communicate who’s going to be involved: 1) Business stakeholder - who owns this localization project, 2) Technical stakeholder - to assist with the technical set-up with your digital content sources, 3) Your language services provider (LSP) - to learn how to create translations within the Smartling platform