How Pinterest Centralized Content Management and Localization

Learn how Pinterest centralized their work for content management, translation, and localization to launch their biggest business-user campaign of the year using Smartling-Contentful connector.


How Pinterest Centralized Content Management and Localization

Pinterest Predicts, Pinterest’s largest business-user campaign of the year, is a report on what will be trending, a place to see the emerging trends first. This campaign is developed to predict trends and insights for the upcoming year so that creators can continue to deliver curated content and cutting-edge services and products to their customers in 2022.

With Smartling's localization integration, Pinterest Predicts leveraged Contentful’s content management system to create and localize pages and curated insights for their multilingual business-user base.

This webinar recap takes a closer look at how the integration of Contentful and Smartling enabled Pinterest to achieve the following wins:

  • Launch 35 unique trend pages in 11 locales
  • Completely centralize workflows and streamline efforts
  • Understand what content to localize
  • Save 40+ hours of manual work

What Contentful is and How it Works

Contentful is a builder-centric content platform that helps digital teams assemble content and deliver digital experiences at scale.

Contentful does this by: Integrating cloud services and making it easy to connect with organizations’ existing and future tech stack (with partners like Smartling!) Allowing the possibility to deeply customize the platform and automate workflows Offering a reliable and secure infrastructure that leading brands, like Pinterest, count on Taking the API-first approach – meaning they can federate content from other CMS or a digital experience platform that brands already have in place

How Smartling-Contentful Connector Led to Pinterest Predict’s Success

The entire working experience of Pinterest Predicts was centralized from one place. By leveraging Contentful’s content management system with Smartling’s localization integration, Pinterest was able to create and localize pages and provide curated insights for their multilingual business-user base.

This holistic working experience helped Pinterest deliver this campaign in 11 locales across 35 different trend pages. In 2022, Pinterest featured international creators for the first time and showcased international markets within the report. 2022 was Pinterest’s most global year to date.

Using Smartling integrations with Contentful and Figma, Pinterest centralized work in one place and eliminated linguists’ need to copy and paste URLs, saving 40+ hours of manual work.

The Results

  • Big Win: Hundreds of press mentions across the world
  • Trend predictions are 80% accurate year after year
  • The trends identified through Pinterest Predicts grow faster and last longer than the ones spotted elsewhere
  • Web traffic skyrocketed

Want to experience centralized work like Pinterest did? Learn more about Smartling’s Contentful Integration here.