Cloud Translation for Cloud Business Communications


Voice and video communication is essential when it comes to business. It’s what connects us to our customers, vendors, prospects, and employees. It’s a concept that Dialpad and UberConference understand and improve upon for organizations both large and small.

With over 55,000 companies, Dialpad offers organizations a unified platform for some of the most innovative brands, regardless of location or size. With the right product and the right market fit, Dialpad set its sights on international expansion.

The Challenge: Scaling languages without adding people

Dialpad was gearing up for their first major country launch into a non-English speaking country in the early part of 2016. Although this was their first dedicated country launch, Dialpad wasn't a stranger to translating their content.

Prior to Smartling, Dialpad experienced some challenges with language translation. Relying on a manual email workflow, the weekly product releases were becoming increasingly difficult to manage with consistent quality.

  • Manual Translations. With a translation project that entailed converting marketing pages, mobile apps, and desktop apps, Dialpad's email-based workflow and lack of localization resources struggled to keep pace with their business needs. Given how quickly new features were being added to the product, Dialpad realized the need for an automated solution to help fill in the gaps of the content they needed translated.
  • Reduce Content Bottlenecks. Slowed down by their manual translation process, Dialpad encountered daily bottlenecks at every point of their translation process. From converting the language, to going through reviews and finally publishing their completed work, Dialpad's workflow was causing frequent scrambles to gather translations before scheduled product releases.
  • Deploy Content Easily. With product updates rolling out almost every week, and as Dialpad continued to expand its language coverage, the need for a centralized platform to deploy translations with minimal roadblocks became increasingly acute.

The Solution: Smartling

Using Smartling’s cloud-based translation management system and language services, Dialpad realized the following benefits:

  • Translation Accuracy. Smartling onboarded a team of linguists with domain expertise to translate Dialpad's content into an entirely new market for the company with less than 1% of strings needing any editing work.
  • Greater Efficiency. With few resources, Dialpad now enjoys a more efficient translation process, easing project management burdens. Translations now live in a centralized location, so Dialpad is able to go into the platform and know that content is tagged properly, flagged issues are being taken care of and everything is ready for publishing on time.
  • Scalable Process. With an automated process, Dialpad was able to scale up their translations to keep up with their global expansion and increasing their speed to market.
  • No Delays. Concerns regarding weekly product releases getting out to market on schedule have been eliminated. Dialpad can now rely on Smartling to get the content out on time. Smartling ensures that high-quality localized content is delivered on time, every time, with no ongoing developer involvement required.