93 Hours to 35 Hours: How AdRoll cut their translating time by more than half


AdRoll helps ambitious commerce brands make their display, social, and email advertising work together to accelerate business growth. Through the AdRoll Growth Platform, powered by industry-leading automation and personalization, brands are better able to structure, measure, and sync their marketing efforts.

There wasn’t anything easy about growing AdRoll’s roster of customers to over 37,000. However, through their pioneering technology and expansion into global markets, AdRoll has become a leader in the digital advertising space. Today, AdRoll is one of the top advertising platforms and they are fast becoming the platform of choice at the global level.

The Challenge: AdRoll Takes on New Markets

AdRoll had ambitions of expanding their presence internationally, but with most of their business historically focused on North America, they faced the challenge of taking on new markets. A major element of that includes creating content in ways that can be globally understood, knowing that American idioms don’t necessarily make sense outside of the U.S.

  • Quick expansion. AdRoll looked for a solution that would enable them to deliver global content for all. Expanding to international markets required an automated process that could handle scaling up all translation and localization needs (“localisation” in international markets!).
  • No localization manager. With no dedicated localization team, most of the translation responsibilities fell on the marketing and product departments.
  • Multiple touchpoints. Although their primary focus was their marketing websites, AdRoll knew they would need their localization needs to extend to their product, marketing, and customer support content.

The Solution: Smartling

Using the Smartling cloud-based translation management system and Managed Services, AdRoll realized the following benefits:

  • Localization infrastructure. AdRoll’s primary goal was to launch its marketing website into seven languages and nine countries. Leveraging Smartling’s Global Delivery Network, a solution that requires minimal developer involvement, AdRoll was able to scale its website into any language without internationalizing its code.
  • Proactive guides. AdRoll encountered roadblocks on publishing their translated content. When Smartling’s Customer Success team noticed a bottleneck in their translation workflow, AdRoll was able leverage analytics to improve time to market.
  • Decrease time to market. As a result, AdRoll cut down their translating time from 93 hours to 35 hours, enabling AdRoll to launch campaigns and products more efficiently.
  • Reduce costs. Leveraging Smartling’s centralized, cloudbased translation platform, AdRoll has realized an average 40% in translation savings over the course of four years.
  • No full time employees. Managing translations wasn’t the primary job for any employee, however the brunt of responsibilities fell on Vanessa Lanuza, Business Operations Manager at AdRoll, until they used Managed Services. Smartling’s Managed Services team now does all the heavy lifting for AdRoll within the Smartling dashboard, enabling Vanessa and other AdRoll stakeholders to focus on core marketing and product development activities.