S2E7 - Life-Saving Translations: The Fight for Accurate Information in Marginalized Languages


Stella Hodkin Paris is the Head of Language Services at Translators Without Borders, now part of CLEAR Global. Originally from the UK, Stella studied languages in Edinburgh and is currently based in Northern Italy. She has been working in the language services industry for almost 20 years, performing many roles and honing her marketing expertise. Stella joined Translators Without Borders 3 years ago, an organization founded in 1993 to help people around the globe access accurate information in their languages. Stella joins us on the Loc Show to talk about language gaps around the world, how her work helps plug those gaps, and how to overcome the lack of knowledge around marginalized languages.

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[01:18] About Stella and what she does.
[03:30] What is Translators without Borders?
[05:25] What is the driving force between the growth of TWB?
[08:03] About TWB and CLEAR Global.
[10:00] Integrating languages and translation into humanitarian crisis response.
[15:10] The current state of the language gap around the world and the importance of accurate translation.
[18:30] How COVID-19 impacted the necessity of accurate translation. [22:07] Defining marginalized languages.
[26:09] Overcoming the challenge of finding translators for marginalized languages.
[29:00] How TWB trains new translators.
[31:45] How the language gap affects people across the globe.
[33:50] How TWB is tackling the language gap.
[36:00] Fighting back against misinformation.
[37:37] What is the root cause of language marginalization and disinformation?
[41:14] What can be done to address these gaps?
[45:00] How to get involved with helping address translation issues.

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