The 411 on Language Services (featuring Emil Atanassov and Nancy Ferreira da Rocha)


In today’s episode we are sharing one of our sessions from Global Ready Conference. This session is called ‘The 411 – What We Need from a Language Services Provider’. Gavin Grimes moderates the panel which also features Nancy Ferreira da Rocha, Senior Localization Program Manager at FedEx and Emil Atanesov, Vice President of Internationalization for ServiceNow.

In this panel, Gavin and our guests discuss the evolution of language programs to align themselves with different growth stages from their respective companies, whether it’s organic or acquisition-based growth. Often, we discuss the origins of programs and where they end up but ignore the journey. To evolve and grow, you have to take into account your markets and know what data points to focus on. There is also a delicate balance to maintain company needs and budgetary allowances. Nancy and Emil discuss how programs at their respective companies have evolved since they began their own journey, and how they strategized and implemented changes.

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[02:39] How the localization program at FedEx has evolved since Nancy started her career there.
[04:30] The evolution of localization at Service Now since Emile began working there.
[07:04] Developing and strategizing evolution at FedEx.
[10:16] How strategies and change were created at ServiceNow.
[13:56] How did the LSP needs at FedEx change with their program evolution?
[18:17] The evolving LSP needs at ServiceNow.
[22:07] The 3 main things Nancy has learned implementing changes at FedEx.
[24:46] The 3 main things Emile has learned implementing changes at ServiceNow.
[27:39] What is the 1 thing Nancy would have done differently in the process?
[29:44] What is the 1 thing Emil would have done differently in the process?

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