S2E5 - Localization in Africa: Opportunities, Challenges, and Solutions


Ulrich Henes is one of the founders of LocWorld and the president of the Localization Institute, and Theophan Marube is managing director of Tamarind Language Services in Kenya. With his work, Ulrich has been working in localization for the last 20 years, and LocWorld is just about to hold its first conference about Africa. Theo and his company provide language services for many multinational companies entering Africa. Theo and Ulrich join us today to talk about the localization landscape in Africa, the rising opportunities, challenges, and solutions for localization in the African regions, and a bit of what we can expect from the LocWorld Africa conference in March 2022.

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[01:37] About Ulrich.
[02:35] About Theo.
[05:10] Where Africa currently is in the interest of localization.
[06:44] How the use of technology is on the rise in Africa.
[08:44] About the developing mobile payment options in Africa.
[09:40] Ulrich’s perspective on the growth of Africa from outside of the continent.
[11:00] What Ulrich hopes the attendees to gain from the LocWorld Africa conference.
[12:00] Localization challenges specific to organizations coming into Africa.
[16:20] Ulrich’s experiences with localization in Africa and the challenges presented.
[20:35] What solutions are needed for brands to penetrate the African market?
[25:00] Promoting and educating translation services in Africa.
[29:18] Ulrich’s work with Translators Without Borders.
[31:10] How Theo’s experience has been in working with Translators Without Borders.
[34:08] What makes Africa an attractive opportunity for brands?
[38:30] How Smartling can help in the localization process in Africa.
[39:50] More about the upcoming LocWorld Africa conference.

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