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Leadership keynote

Smartling’s CEO, Bryan Murphy kicks of Global Ready Conference with an insightful discussion around the impact of new AI technologies on the translation industry, plus delivers some exciting news about Smartling and where we're headed next!

Future proofing your career in the age of AI

In this keynote, award-winning author and former tech executive Minette Norman shares insights for taking ownership of our careers, building resilience, and embracing change.

SAS and FedEx on why the time is now for (AI in) translation

From breakthroughs in machine learning algorithms to the ethical implications of automated translation, join us as we discuss the opportunities and challenges of harnessing AI to bridge linguistic divides.

How Fresno Unified and Tompkins County drive accessibility by removing the linguistic divide

Learn how translation is a catalyst for fostering diversity and inclusion within a community. Our panelists dig into the ways language translation promotes understanding and empowers individuals from all backgrounds to fully participate in shared experiences, like going to school or living in the same city.

How Vimeo and Bluebeam are bridging the gap between old and new processes

Learn how localization leaders from Vimeo and Bluebeam are transitioning their processes towards AI-powered human translation, what influences their mix of human and machine translation, and how leadership and budget constraints influence decisions.

Budgeting for translation: Quality without compromise

This session will address a variety of solutions and strategies that you can utilize to make your budget work for you to yield higher returns on your localization investments.

Research revealed: The impact of AI on translation

Learn research and discoveries Smartling's team is making about Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI for translation and localization— how do they really shine for translation? We'll share insights about benchmarking for use cases such as fuzzy match repair, glossary insertion and effort estimation with foundational and fine tuned models.

How do we scale up quality management in this AI world?

This panel discussion will explore the challenges companies face with the explosion of localized content, as well as building new frameworks around quality measurement and management, while examining the hurdles AI is already posing (such as new error types and predicting quality levels).

Volvo Cars and Middlebury Institute on disrupting the translation industry with AI

In this conversation, experts will analyze the current AI disruptions and offer insights on how to embrace these advancements in translation. This panel will speak objectively about the biggest challenges and the biggest wins we've seen from AI in translation, and what we hope to see in 2025, 2026, and beyond.

How Affirm scales localization despite macroeconomic constraints

In this session we’ll learn how Affirm has scaled its localization program despite macroeconomic constraints and company restructuring. Hear their challenges around budgeting and bandwidth and strategies and tools they’ve leveraged along the way to keep Affirm’s expansion plan on schedule.