How to Unleash Success in Your Localization Career

A comprehensive guide to career-elevating formulas of how to develop the right skills and knowledge to build your localization career and beyond.


With today’s ever-growing digital landscape with no sign of slowing down, the localization industry is a great place to be right now.

Once you’re in the field, there is always room to grow. To advance in your career and heighten your impact in your organization, you need to position yourself strategically. You need the right skills and knowledge to build your authority.

Whether you’re looking to move up in your career, grow to be an impactful localization expert in your organization, or build a team from the ground up, this complete guide will help you reach your goals.

In this eBook, we explore:

  • How to progress in your localization career and remain competitive
  • Ways to position yourself strategically and build authority in your organization
  • Tips and tricks for cross-team buy-in
  • Educating your stakeholders on the impact of localization
  • How to influence your team with leadership
  • The onboarding best practices for localization teams
  • Q&A with Hristina Racheva