S2E6 - Turkish: What to Know about Localizing for the Turkish-Speaking Audience


Taner Tanrıöver is a Turkish linguist who works in localization as a freelance translator specializing in website localization in the IT industry. Taner lived in Australia for over ten years, where he studied communication, and he has been back in Turkey for the last 11 years. He is based in Istanbul today. Taner discusses the intricacies of translating Turkish to English and vice versa, the culture of Turkey, and more.

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[01:11] About Taner and his background.
[02:22] Are there specific industries that Taner works with?
[03:00] About Istanbul and the culture in the city.
[06:25] A brief history of the Turkish language, both spoken and written.
[09:00] Typical challenges faced when translating English to Turkish.
[12:55] What are some difficult words to translate from English to Turkish and vice versa?
[15:05] The biggest cultural differences to look out for when translating for the Turkish-speaking audience.
[18:10] Why machine translation can’t completely replace human translation.
[21:00] Improving inclusivity in Turkish translations.
[23:05] Global growth in Turkish industries and how that has impacted localization.
[24:42] Taner’s translation process.
[27:05] About the artistic aspects of translation.
[30:20] Taner’s favorite aspect of being a translator.
[32:46] What would Taner ask for if he could ask for anything to make his job as a translator easier?
[35:02] Final thoughts on translation from Taner.

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